About me

I am Dr. David Jones. Astronomer by trade, loser by nature. A Briton uprooted and deposited in South America.

After studying Physics at University in the UK, I went on to do a PhD in Astrophysics. It was during my PhD that my love for observational astronomy grew, something which flourished in me as I spent a year working as a support astronomer for the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope in La Palma, Spain. It was also at this point that I discovered that I didn't feel spectacularly out of place in the Spanish-speaking world. Together, these two realisations meant my next step was clear. Move to Chile, a Spanish-speaking country with the World's clearest skies, and work for the World's premier observatory. Luckily, this was also sufficiently clear to the European Southern Observatory for them to offer me a Fellowship with duties at Paranal Observatory. After three years at working at Paranal, I decided a change was in order and moved to Copiapó to help set-up the fledgling astronomy group at the Universidad de Atacama. That proved to be a short stint, as after only seven months I moved to Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias back on the island of La Palma. Back to where it all (kind of) began!

You can find more specific information about my education, activites, skills, papers, talks and who knows what else by reading my CV