I'm passionate about Outreach and have done my best (wherever possible) to share my love of astronomy and science in general with the outside world. Below are a few examples of the occasions on which it has been seen fit for me to speak to the general public (for better or for worse).

Winner of June 2014 "I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here" Extreme Energy zone!

A Jodcast interview about working at the Very Large Telescope (and the research I do when I'm not working there)

Another Jodcast interview, this time about the amazing planetary nebula Fg 1

Ask an Astronomer session in which I do my best to answer questions on subjects ranging from "How do we see detect planets around other stars?" to "What is the edge of space?"

I take my turn on the other side of the mic to interview Miguel Santander-Garcia and Pablo Rodriguez-Gil about their work.

An interview I did for the SciFri EspaƱol podcast about planetary nebulae (in Spanish!)