I was professor for the Awareness 2015 - An ESO/OPTICON/IAU Summer School on Modern Instruments, their Science Case, and Practical Data Reduction in Brno, Czech Republic, lecturing on the astronomical facilities available at the Teide and Roque de los Muchachos Observatories of the IAC as well as supervising a project on practical data reduction of WHT-ISIS spectroscopy. The slides from my lecture and the presentation of my project group are available from the school webpages here

In 2014, I was Professor of the course Physics 1 (FĂ­sica 1) at the Universidad de Atacama.
Details of this course and my lecture slides can be found on my Spanish language pages (under construction!)

I have also been fortunate enough to supervise a selection of excellent research students, some of which a listed below:

Dr Amy Tyndall - PhD thesis co-supervisor (University of Manchester), viva passed March 2014. Now at ESO (ePOD).
Leo Huckvale - MPhys project supervisor (University of Manchester). Project results published as Huckvale et al. (2013). Now at University of Manchester (PhD).
Martha Tabor - ESO Internship supervisor (University of St. Andrews). Now at University of Nottingham (PhD).